Student Success


Student Success

Student Success Program Mission Statement

The Student Success Program exists to prevent reading failure
and ensure each child can read the Bible for themselves.

Bethany Lutheran’s Student Success Program
is Different Because

  • We acknowledge that each child exists as their Creator intended.
  • We talk about Dyslexia out loud. Most public schools in California do not test for nor remediate Dyslexia. 
  • We don’t wait for failure before making changes. Students don’t have to qualify for Special Education to have their needs met.
  • We use scientifically proven methods of instruction. And we provide them in a 1:1 setting that best meets the needs of each child and hold no one back from reaching their full potential.
  • We are privately funded, outside the general budget. Currently, the cost of meeting the needs of students receiving 1:1 intervention is not passed on to the rest of the general school population or the congregation.
  • We charge parents a fraction of the actual cost and provide scholarships to ensure that these added costs do not prevent a child from continued enrollment at Bethany Lutheran School.

Student Success Provides

  • Early intervention to prevent reading failure 
  • Scientifically proven, one-on-one reading & spelling instruction 
  • Working Memory Assessment & Cognitive Training 
  • Consultation & Observation
  • Assessment guidance 
  • Accommodation Plan support
  • Collaboration with LBUSD to support students with public school IEP’s

Although, we do support some students who have qualified for Special Education within the public school system, Student Success is NOT Special Education. Enrollment in Student Success is at parental discretion.

Program Administrator: Mrs. Jill Moorman, M. A., Reading Science ( )

Connie Kritzer, Certified Barton Tutor ( )

Links for parents & families:

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